What you need to know about drugs and alcohol addiction for women

According to Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), an approximate of 22 million Americans use illegal drugs. Some of these women use the drugs for leisure while a considerable number are dependent on them due to the struggle with addiction. That repetitive habit that becomes hard to put to a stop and often interferes with one’s life negatively is simply an addiction says Cornerstone rehab. American college of nurse-midwives – massachusetts chapter says addiction is characterized by intense drug craving that is not easy to control. A women can get addicted to substances such as drugs, alcohol or other activities that might be illegal. Drugs and alcohol addiction from Lexington law take a path that starts with experimenting then heads to repetitive use, and the final result is referred as addiction.

causes of drug addictionCauses of drug addiction Several factors that could increase the possibilities of one getting vulnerable to dependence on drugs include -Mental health problems such as depression -A past childhood that was characterized by abuse and neglect -Presence of a family member who is an addict -Getting started with the drugs when very young -Stress -Poverty -Conflicts in the family -Peer influence

Signs of addiction to look for

Stealing and violence to support the drug intake -Use of drugs and alcohol even in dangerous situations such as while driving -Failure to undertake responsibilities at home, nursing school, work etc. -Involvement in risky activities such as using dirty needles and syringes to keep high.

Effects of drug abuse Drugs and alcohol addiction affects a women’s life as well as the lives of those close to them. Some of these effects include but not limited to -Separation in the family -Losing one’s work leading to unemployment -Brain damage -Homelessness especially in the situations where an individual sells all they have to sustain their drug intake -Death that can be brought about by overdose or even committing suicide

Factors that can prevent addiction

Good role models who guide you on the right path -Setting goals in life -Involvement in activities to avoid getting bored therefore engaging in illicit behavior -Creating a good bond in school, home, and the society

Treatment once addicted gets into the system quitting becomes very difficult. Use of drugs for a long time interferes with the functioning of the brain making it get used to the use of the drugs and substance, the main reason quitting is not as easy as many thinks. However with good support and willingness to change, treatment programs and support group like Cornerstone Rehab for drugs and alcohol addiction proves very helpful. Women addicts get admitted to rehabilitation centers where counselors help them deal with the problem. This treatment is systematic and often starts with ‘harm reduction.’ Harm reduction is a way of reducing the intake without necessarily putting it to a stop instantly.

Bottom line Drug and alcohol addiction is a complex but treatable situation. Getting rid of it to leave a normal life needs a lot of sacrifice and help from those around the addict. It is important for all to note that seeking for help from acnm nurse midwives in Massachusetts should not be when the situation becomes intense. The moment you find out the alcohol intake is becoming a concern in your or another women’s life, then do not wait for a worse situation. Seek for help right then.


Drug addiction while pregnant

Basically, drug addiction while pregnant is a major problem currently in the society. Unfortunately, it is not only the middle-aged people battling with drug addiction, but also teen age women. Addiction of drugs occurs as a result of consistent overdose of drugs while pregnant. Actually, taking alcohol or even cigarettes has become very fashionable and many people can not live without them. It is a common belief that taking these drugs is a form of entertainment. The effects of excessive drinking or smoking are not sudden, but they are gradual and very dangerous. Eventually, one begins to lose control of the body and the mind due to regular consumption of these drugs. Drug addiction while being pregnant can be reversed commonly through rehabilitation. In rehabs, like Cornerstone rehab the doctors ensure the drug addicts are handled with care as they change their lifestyle.

What makes drugs dangerous will pregnant?

drug-abuse-and-pregnancyFirst, drugs and alcohol are fatal for the mind and body of a baby in almost all way. For example, these drugs paralyze the babies ability. You begin engaging in very unsafe behavior. Though, drug addiction is mostly feared for the long term effects. Overdose of drugs causes long term effects such as heart problems, cancer, liver ailments, and many others. Drug addiction allows these dangerous drugs to become part of your life. Unfortunately, they cause major failure in colleges, schools, home or even the working area with credit repair companies

Women and drug addiction

Clearly, women have become highly involved in the drug addiction circle. Their rate of drug consumption is actually higher than the middle-aged bracket. According to these women, drug consumption is a form of great entertainment. It is a sort of enjoyment. They fail to realize the bad effects of over using drugs at an early age. At the teenage bracket, the brain is still in the active development stage. Therefore, over using these drugs will have a fatal effect on the development of the brain. When women begin taking drugs at this early age, they lack the ability to have any control. Thus, they will obviously experience anxiety, depression, and trauma. There is a Treatment Center in Oklahoma for Women that we highly recommend if you or your loved one needs help.

How to break drug addiction

Honestly, attending rehab sessions is one effective way of overcoming the addiction of alcohol. Patients are given mild medicines to treat the addiction. At times, the drug addicts are isolated in different rooms to handle their mental changes. Drug detoxification aids those suffering from drug addiction. The medications offered to the patients overcome the symptoms and modify their lifestyle gradually. Counseling is a major part of overcoming drug addiction.

Drug addiction highly alters your healthy physical and mental state to a very hazardous health state. Drug rehabilitation for women surely offer effective aid in overcoming the addiction.